10 days huh? You really want to sell your home in just ten days? This is an insane idea and here’s why: based on recent statistics let's take Colorado Springs which is one of the hottest real estate markets in the entire country even the top-selling agents average about a month and a half for a home sale.

That’s about 45 days vs.10...Hmmm

Now with that said, if you really need to sell your home in ten days, it’s not impossible. It’s NOT going to be easy, but with some good planning, a top-tier Realtor, as well as a lot of work, you could actually make this happen.

After speaking with a top real estate agent we created this blueprint which lays out everything that must be done, in the proper order, to get your home ready to sell, on the market, and under contract in just ten days. Let’s take a look:

  • Find and Hire a Top Agent
  • Do Deep Research on Your Property
  • Discover Your Quick Fixes
  • Develop a Successful Marketing Plan
  • Stay Calm, Trust Your Agent and Be Flexible

Let's take a deeper look at each of these key points.

1. Find and Hire a Top Real Estate Agent

First things first, you must find and hire the best, most successful real estate agent you can find. These are the type agents with entire teams, contacts, and resources that will get your home listed and sold quickly. There are online tools like HomeLight that will help you find the agents who have sold the most homes in your region. So make some calls, and hire someone quickly.

2. Deep Research Your Property

Do you really know all there is to know about your house? How old is your washer and dryer? When was it painted last or when was the roof replaced if ever? What kind of shape is the foundation in?

Tampa’s #1 single-family home seller Andrew Duncan says “Age and condition of major big ticket items are things the seller needs to know,” After having sold 742 homes last year Duncan knows a thing or two about the subject. He went on to say, “If you know those and can document as much of that as you can, that will save a lot of time for you and it also helps educate the agent on the condition for features they have to factor into pricing the home”

3. Discover Your Quick Fixes

Duncan goes on to explain, “Ten days isn’t enough time to get a contractor to do a whole lot. In our market, there’s a labor shortage.” Because most of the country is in one of the strongest seller’s markets ever this shortage is a reality almost everywhere. What that indicates is that any improvements for the appeal to buyers will need to be DIY.

You have very limited choices given less than a week to the big day, that's why its important pick the projects that will have the biggest impact. A few bags of mulch bring an old garden back to life and sodding up bare spots in the lawn will make it look great in just a few days.

4. Develop a Successful Pricing and Marketing Plan

The most important aspect of selling a home becomes even more vital when trying to sell quickly and that the price. A marketing and pricing strategy has got to be a vital part of your 10-day plan. For this, you will need to rely heavily on your agent to help to guide you thru this process.

Andrew Duncan gives this advice, “Listen to your agent on pricing. It’s what agents do for a living.” Most homeowners often evaluate the home's value in a way that doesn’t translate to the real marketplace.

The marketing and pricing plan really show you the value of a top real estate agent. Always look for agents that are paying for premium features across multiple real estate platforms Duncan says, They know how to get your home the exposure it needs.

5. Be Calm, Trust Your Agent and Stay Flexible

To be quite honest even the most experienced Realtor in the world, could likely not sell a home in ten days without help. And unless you happen to be the most experienced realtor in the world you are going to need a lot of help.

Duncan suggests “Be selective about the agent you meet with. Find somebody who has the marketing power to get it out there but also could buy it themselves potentially.”

If you have taken the time to follow all the steps on this list you should be ready to sell really quickly. But let's not forget the toll the stress can take during a quick sale like this. Plan out many long nights, late showings, and possibly a bidding war that way you won’t  be caught off guard. Make your plans for the worst and but keep your eyes on success!

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